I am GenXWoman, hear me ROAR!

Celebrating the Bridge Generation

The hard-working, innovative, independent, and badass GenXWoman!

GenXWoman is a digital media company for Gen X women by Gen X women. It is a destination for entertainment, education and most importantly inspiration tailored to the amazing and badass women of Generation X.


We aspire to provide a space exclusively for the GenXWoman as a source of inspiration, positivity, and fun told from the Gen X Woman’s perspective. It’s time to celebrate how much we’ve accomplished, how far we’ve come, and to look forward to where we want to go!

Together we aim to change the narrative from the “lost” generation to the “bridge” generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, artists, mothers, daughters, sisters, and caregivers.


ingMegan E Fox Co-Founder

“Some of my most vivid memories growing up are of Madonna- her confidence, fearlessness and ever-evolving style, having a crush on “sensitive guy” Ethan Hawke, making mixed tapes for myself and my friends, building up an extensive and stylish wardrobe for my dolls, and filling my caboodle with eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polish aplenty.”

From growing up in a small, quiet town in Western New York to obtaining a BSc and an MBA, Megan worked her way up as a senior Retail and Operations executive for the most renown brands in the fashion and apparel industry where she was a leader for more than 15 years.  Living across both coasts of the US, and traveling internationally, Megan’s life path and career thus far epitomizes the journey and ability of a Gen X woman to achieve beyond her wildest dreams. 

 After a personal calling and transformative discovery that there was more to life than bottom line goals and culture associated with “corporate life”, her journey became focused on health, wellness, creativity, authenticity, and a new career focused on establishing a community of like-minded, strong, women and leaders who deserve to be celebrated.

 When she’s not busy running the front-end of GenXWoman, you can find her coaching women on styling their mindset and finding their signature style, focusing on health, working out, playing softball and tennis, reading spiritual literature, spending time with friends, enjoying and observing the on-going evolution of Retail (and finding a good bargain), and traveling. 


 Dena K Martines Co-Founder

“My fondest memories from growing up include listening to “Modern Talking” on my Walkman for hours on end, watching music videos on MTV and crushing on Tom Cruise in Top Gun while wondering about the universe and why am I here.”

Dena has a BSc from Rutger’s University in NJ and a MBA from McGill University in Montreal.   And before co-founding GenXWoman and launching her coaching and consulting practice, her early career included stints as an entrepreneur across Sales and Retail spaces before spending nearly two decades as a corporate executive, where she ascended in highly analytical and operational leadership roles.  

Her challenging yet successful career, international background and commitment to creating a life that is always evolving, aligned, authentic and soulful, paved a powerful spiritual path that led her to the concept of creating a community specifically for women like herself. 

When not focused on running the behind the scenes Operations and Business aspects of GenXWoman, she is helping her coaching clients discover their life purpose and making it their day job, reading self-improvement books and mystery novels, watching the history channel and Gaia TV, traveling around the world, and taking long walks with her adorable high maintenance fur-son, Baxter.

Our Story

We are both proud Gen Xers with a long career history in the corporate world. We both lived and worked in the New Jersey/New York area throughout our late 20s and in our 30s, and probably crossed paths without even knowing it! Later sharing stories of restaurants we’d been to and stores we shopped in, it seemed uncanny that we hadn’t actually met. But the timing wasn’t quite right… until we were brought together by a powerhouse visionary and senior executive female leader who hand picked us both to join her then team at adidas in Portland. She ultimately moved on to bigger things, but we learned that what we thought was our reason for meeting at that place, during that time…ultimately proved to be a different reason entirely.  Through our shared bond of womanhood, and a strong desire to inspire and support other women of Generation X, iGenXWoman.com was formed!

A Celebration of the Bridge Generation!