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For the past few decades, most people have assumed daily horoscopes in the newspaper are all there is to astrology.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard “This isn’t true!” or “It doesn’t describe me.” This may be true because often times these quick snippets aren’t providing a full picture of all that astrology can teach you. What if you were to seek out a little more information and learn the secrets your astrological chart can reveal?

Here are 8 ways that you can enhance your life by decoding your astrological chart.

1. Finding Your Ultimate Joy

Learning your personal astrological chart can point you in the direction of your destined happiness and fulfillment. When you understand how you shine your light in the world (your Sun Sign) in combination with your Part of Fortune, you gain immense insight into how to create long-lasting joy, success, and abundance in your life. Your special skills, challenges, and soul’s purpose can be decoded by figuring out your astrological chart. Taking the time to decode your star chart will provide insight and revelation in every aspect of your life, allowing you to reach new highs.

2. Focusing on Health and Wellness

Just how you have a unique body, you also have your own astrological style of how you express your energy. Knowing your Mars sign helps you uncover key insights about your health and wellness. By understanding how you put forth your efforts, you can create customized diet and exercise plans that you will be able to stick with because they are tailored to what’s best for you. Your Mars sign will help you discover which routines are best for your body type and the best times to work out. Astrology can also indicate when it is a good time for you to rest your body. Attuning your exercise to the movement of the stars, promotes a deeper connection to the rhythms of your body to enhance your overall wellness.

3. Switching Up Beauty Habits

It is easy to fall into a beauty routine. Astrology can guide you to new tips on how to revive your style to feel fresh, vibrant, and youthful. Your Venus sign indicates what makes you feel most attractive and beautiful. Highlighting the beauty features of your Venus placement in your daily wardrobe will naturally boost your confidence and make you appear radiant to others. As Venus moves into a new sign, you can also try out new fashion, hair, or makeup styles.

It is important, however, to time beauty changes to the movement of Venus; a makeover at the wrong time can wreak havoc. See our Venus Retrograde Survival Guide.  

4. Discovering Your Dream Career

Sometimes the career path you wind up on seems to have been the result of choices you made when you were a young adult. You are good at what you do, but there is more you long to contribute in the world. Your astrological chart can indicate what careers you will be most successful in, and what careers will bring you the most personal fulfillment for the rest of your life. There are natural skills that you possess that will make you excel in certain areas. Looking at your Saturn, the planet of responsibility, and your Midheaven, the point in your chart showing your optimal career, can show you a new path. Astrology can point you in the direction of financial security in a way that feels authentic to your soul.

5. Tracking Major Life Cycles

The planets never stop moving, and neither does your life. Knowing the major transits of the planets can help you to understand current events. Many astrologers discussed how 2020 was going to be a turbulent year; for those in the know, the events unfolding have felt karmic in many ways. Rather than reacting with fear when life turns upside down, understanding the astrological cycles can inspire you to feel calm in the midst of things falling apart. You are able to consciously make decisions that will propel you forward. The hard cycles will not last forever, and often end up being the times of the most growth if you accept the lessons as they happen.

6. Fulfilling Romance and Passion

Knowing your own astrology can give you great insight into the type of partner you are and what is most important to you in a romantic relationship. Those who are seeking love can create a more fulfilling relationship when they take the time to explore what their true inner needs are. For those in a relationship, looking at your chart and that of your romantic partner can provide insight into the purpose of your union. Astrology can also reveal when it’s a good time to seek love, make relationship adjustments, and when to focus on yourself.

7. Timing Your Decisions

The planets are always exerting their energy on events in your life. Understanding the astrology of the day, week, month, and year can be helpful when making choices. Using astrology to assist in the decision-making process allows you to create the most out of what is possible given the location of the planets. You wouldn’t plan a picnic if the forecast called for rain. Knowing the planets’ transits, you can avoid signing contracts or making a big purchase when the time isn’t right.  You are also able to plan events like weddings, meetings, and negotiations in favorable times to ensure success.  Mercury Retrograde is one of the most recognized planetary transits while the Void of Course Moon is an important but lesser known transit.

8. Mastering Personal Relationships

One of the greatest things astrology can teach you is how to understand others. Another person’s habits that may bother you can be viewed through the lens of astrology – now you understand them on a deeper level and can become more tolerant. Knowing how others express themselves based on their astrology can help you to become more accepting. The concept that each person has a special astrological purpose seen within a star chart helps you to realize how unique every person truly is. With astrological knowledge, you gain a new perspective on the world and increase your ability to sustain meaningful relationships.