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August has arrived, bringing with it a sense of joy, hope, optimism and courage.

This is a moment of pause after an intense month of Eclipses, a small break before Mars turns Retrograde in September. However, we can start feeling the build-up of this Mars Retrograde season. So, if you’re sensing a growing frustration or bit of limitation, you’re just tuning into the upcoming universal vibes. 

Use this month wisely then, to get as much done as you possibly can. Uranus goes Retrograde in Taurus, which may throw a few wrenches in the works and bring unexpected surprises, especially financially. This may be a wake-up call for you, like a bucket of ice water thrown over your head – or it could feel potentially very exciting! 

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, and a New Moon in Leo, this month is all about connecting to your community while maintaining a sense of individuality. Your decisions and your relationships shift rapidly throughout the month, so just go with the flow. 

Aries August Horoscope (Aries Dates: March 21- April 19)

Get all the things done this month, Aries! Because by September, you’re going to be faced with what seems like insurmountable obstacles. Have a to-do list? If not, make one now and tick everything off. August can be a very productive month for you, Aries. There are great new creative beginnings with the New Moon in Leo, and possibly even a new romance developing. Venus, planet of love and beauty enters your home zone, spelling a lovely, calm time with family and your partner. This comes as a welcome reprieve from a period of emotional turmoil. The Aquarius Full Moon shines a light on your achievements in the last six months, asking that you release certain goals. This may include some relationships, too. Finally, Aries, be prepared for a financial surprise coming your way as Uranus turns Retrograde in your money zone. Try and think out of the box. 

Taurus August Horoscope (Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20)

Be open to change in August, Taurus. Unexpected, chaotic and freedom-giving change. If you drop some of that inflexibility and open up your arms to the cosmos, who knows what you’ll receive? However, if you dig your heels in, get anxious or resist – as they say, what you resist, persists. It’s possible that your life trajectory alters slightly, or that changes to your physical health happen out of the blue. This is a time where you can lay down strong foundations, Taurus, with the new Moon in Leo. A stable base will give you the strength you need to navigate the shifts in your life. Your ruler, Venus, moves into your learning and communication zone. This indicates a period where your conversations become sweeter, and you can get anything you want with a well-turned phrase. Creative ideas may be flowing in, and you’re inspired by memories from the past in some way. 

Gemini August Horoscope (Gemini Dates: May 21- June 20)

Your mind changes rapidly this month, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, shifts signs from proud Leo into humble Virgo. What you may be boasting about in the beginning of the month gets tempered by humility later on. This can only be a good thing, as your ideas mature and become realistic. However, don’t let that stop you from being creative, especially when it comes to your financial situation. Once you’ve tackled that side of life, you’ll move into a space where gathering information and learning become much more emphasized. August is a good time to start attending workshops and coaching seminars, especially with the new Moon in Leo. This will satisfy your ever-curious mind and need to learn everything you possibly can. It’s a perfect time to enroll for studies, or to celebrate your achievements in this area with the Full Moon in Aquarius. 

Cancer August Horoscope (Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22)

August comes as a major relief, Cancer. You’ve had quite a doozy of a time lately with all these Eclipses, so you totally deserve this rest! Venus, planet of love, beauty and harmony, moves into your sign, giving you all the love you want. Self-love is a major theme for August, as is love when it comes to relationships of all kinds. It’s easy to attract more of what you desire now, and you’re feeling the best you’ve felt in ages. Make the most of it by revamping your image, getting a great haircut, or splashing out on a new wardrobe. Financially, you should be safe, as a New Moon in Leo offers a sparkling financial beginning and lends you resources. It’s a month of indulgence, especially right in the beginning. As Mercury and the Sun head into communicative Virgo, it’s a good time to sit down and talk. Be open to new ideas, Cancer. 

Leo August Horoscope (Leo Dates: July 23- August 22)

This month is all about you, Leo! Yes, it’s still your birthday month, so you can still be the star of the show! Plus, you have a New Moon in your sign, offering you a new beginning. This new beginning can be focused on your sense of identity, purpose and the environment you place yourself in. The questions to ask yourself are: Am I putting my best foot forward? Am I being seen in the way I want to be seen? Or, am I being seen at all? Where do I want to plant myself? How can I express myself in the world more? What do I want right now? Along with this focus on self, Leo, you’re also reaching a culmination point when it comes to love. Relationships of all kinds over the last six months have been a focus, and the seeds you planted now reach their fruition. 

Virgo August Horoscope (Virgo Dates: August 23 – September 22)

It’s your time, Virgo! The Sun, and your ruler, Mercury, move into your sign at the end of August, indicating a new start. This is a time to look at where your life is going, and to make any important decisions. This may be as minor as an image change, or as big as a relocation. It depends on how satisfied you are with things as a whole. Before this shift, however, the New Moon in Leo and Full Moon in Aquarius ask you to let go. Let go of baggage, real or figurative, let go of habits that hold you back from living your best life. It may even be that your health is highlighted, as a result of over-stress or overwork. Take time to step back and reflect, Virgo, as this will help you to make the right decisions when it’s time. You’re going to start moving very quickly, very soon. 

Libra August Horoscope (Libra Dates: September 23-October 22)

Your career shines this month, Libra! Use your well-maintained relationships at work to get you ahead in August. As they say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This mantra is most important to keep in mind, if you want to climb the ladder. You’re being seen in the very best light this month, and everyone wants to know you. Take advantage, Libra. This is also a lovely month for both romance and friendship, though the Full Moon may highlight a need for balance. Fortunately, that’s one of your talents, though you do tend to get caught up in your partner at times. A New Moon in Leo can potentially offer you a new financial opposition when it comes to your earnings. This may be creative in nature, or a management position of some kind, either way, go for it! The rest of the year could see you achieving your goals, hopes and dreams. 

Scorpio August Horoscope (Scorpio Dates: October 23-November 21)

Let your light shine, Scorpio! The New Moon in Leo invites a powerful new start in your career, and the next several months are important. It’s possible you’re put in a position of authority, leadership or control of some kind. There’s no one more capable than you, so don’t hesitate to step into the limelight. The groundwork will be laid earlier in the month with the Full Moon in Aquarius. This lunation prompts you to make decisions with regard to your home life versus your public life, finding balance. There’s some uncertainty in the area of relationships, as Uranus goes retrograde in your commitment zone. This may bring problems with commitment, either from an external circumstance, or from within. Be prepared to be as flexible as you possibly can, Scorpio, especially if you want to keep your relationship. If you try and control the situation, you may end up losing out.

Sagittarius August Horoscope (Sagittarius Dates: November 22- December 21)

August brings expansion and growth, Sagittarius. Your favorite words, right? Right. The Full Moon in Aquarius shows the gaps in your education, and what you still need to learn. Maybe you’ll make space for more knowledge, which requires you to release, too. Find online or real-life communities that share your beliefs, and inspire you. The New Moon in Leo brings travel or study opportunities in the next few months – something to really look forward to! It’s been a tough year, and suffocating in many ways. However, life does improve, if you set the right intentions now. Your career is looking up too, as the Sun and Mercury head into your professional zone. You’ll be making level-heeded decisions, and getting acknowledgment for your input. You’re more visible at the moment, so put yourself out there. People will be looking at you for leadership as the month winds down and moves into September.  

Capricorn August Horoscope (Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19)

Money matters reign supreme this month, Capricorn! The Full Moon in Aquarius shows the results of a decision you made a few months ago, for better or for worse. It’s a good time to think about releasing any methods which didn’t work for you, and looking at new investments. The New Moon in Leo may offer financial opportunities within a partnership of some kind. Maybe this is through a romantic or business partner, or together with a financial institution. If you’re a creative, then be prepared for your creative projects to change rapidly. Uranus goes Retrograde in this zone, which may also indicate ups and downs in your love life. However, you may also end up meeting someone new out of the blue! August can be a thrilling period when it comes to romance. Life – and love – is what you make of it this month, Capricorn! Huge personal growth starts toward the end of August. 

Aquarius August Horoscope (Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18)

Relationships are your focus this month, Aquarius. The Full Moon at the beginning of the month shows you the results of all the efforts that you’ve put into love. Did you do well? If not, don’t worry.  You have a new opportunity to start again, with the new Moon in Leo. The Universe is giving you a chance to begin anew, to do things in the right way. If you’re happy with your love life, then August may be a time where lovely things happen, such as a proposal, or moving in together. It depends on what stage your relationship is in. In other news, Uranus Retrograde in your family zone could spell an unexpected change in your home environment. This might be very exciting, or feel a little stressful, depending on how adaptable you can make yourself.  Try and go with the flow, not against it, Aquarius. You can’t always be in control. 

Pisces August Horoscope (Pisces Dates: February 19-March 20)

Get healthy this month, Pisces! This period is not about escaping into bad habits, but rather all about building proactive structures for your lifestyle. Have you been skipping out on your yoga classes? Your nature walks? Listening to music? Maybe you’ve been indulging a little too much, which has taken a toll. The Full Moon in Aquarius will show you where you’ve gone wrong, and what you’ve done right – and will ask you to find balance. The New Moon in Leo will inspire you to get better. This New Moon may also bring in news of work coming in, work that may feel like a big load, but be quite rewarding. Remember to create your day in a manner that allows for both hard work and rest. This will help you not get overwhelmed by stress and deadlines.  The last part of the month can bring positive decisions in your relationships.