I am GenXWoman, hear me ROAR!

Celebrating the Bridge Generation

The hard-working, innovative, independent, and badass GenXWoman!

Welcome to our version of Midlife. We call it our SECOND COMING!

This podcast is for the woman who believes she can have “it all”! Not the traditional “all” that society dictates or that her parents want(ed) for her but her own version of “it all”. Whether she has a clear understanding of what her “all” means or if she is still wondering, redefining, or back at the drawing board.

We are Dena K. Martines and Megan E. Fox. We are Gen X Women, friends, coaches, and co-founders of GenXWoman. We are dedicated to helping women live their lives on purpose and in style and we want to be with you on your journey to redesigning and going after your “all”!

We both know how unnerving and sometimes lonely this process can feel as well as the power that comes with the decision to see it through no matter what.

We will be with you every week to help you bridge the gap between your spiritual life, your soul’s yearning and your material life and desires. So you can confidently walk your path and live the fabulous life