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If you’re new to vision boarding, here are five simple steps to creating a vision board that works.

“Visualization is the act of transforming an abstract goal or desire into a tangible form”

A vision board is a powerful visualization tool. So much so that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey have been known to use it and strongly recommend it to their viewers and followers.

A great vision board is a collage of images and affirmations that takes the vision you created in your mind and brings it to life. It’s a visual representation of the goal or desire using pictures and imagery that not only materialize the vision into a concrete form but also evoke the feelings of living the vision. It’s a daily visual reminder where you can see your vision, you can touch it and you can feel it.  

Step 1: Know What You Want 

One of the most important steps to creating your vision board is to understand why you want to manifest the things you want to manifest.

When I started this journey, I didn’t take the time to ask myself why and truly understand the driving forces behind my desires. While I got what I wanted, sometimes, some of the things that I manifested were ultimately not in alignment with my highest good.  So knowing what you want is a key step in developing a powerful board.

Step 2: Describe Your Vision

The next step to materialize your desires is to write them down.

A detailed vision statement anchors your vision. It can help you further uncover your intention and flesh out your goal or desire. It will also facilitate the choice of the best imagery when you’re creating your board.

Step 3: Plan Your Vision Board

Before creating your vision board, give yourself ample time to assemble the necessary supplies and images.  

The actual board should be an esthetically pleasing blank canvas and you should have plenty of pins or tape as well as a ruler or a Tape Measure App on your phone.

Pinterest is great repository for images. So if you don’t already have a Pinterest account, create one so you can start selecting the images that evoke the feelings and reflect the results you want to achieve from your board.

Step 4: Time Your Vision Board

To infuse your vision board with the right universal energies so that you can manifest your vision, timing is key.   

The best time for creating your board is a new moon; one resource to access new moon dates is via the almanac website.    The Spring /Fall Equinox and the Summer/Winter Solstice are great times to set a new vision board.  And so is your solar return.

However, full moons represent the least opportune times to create your board since they represent endings.

Step 5: Place Your Vision Board 

Just like timing, the location of your board is key. It needs to be in a place that is visible to you, preferably when you wake up and before you go to sleep; a daily visual reminder of your vision. The Bedroom or a well lit closet that you use every day is the optimal location.

You are now ready to launch your “rockets of desire” using your vision board.

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A SUPERCHARGED VISION BOARD takes these five steps to the next level by pulling all the possible levers: Intention, alignment with universal energies, and detailed design and placement of your vision board using the bagua map and Feng Shui principles to determine your lucky direction for optimal placement.