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As great as it feels to be in my jammies all day sans brazier or makeup (luckily glasses hide a lot), I’ve now found myself feeling lazy and frumpy.  Seems as though I went from one extreme to another- from going to an office every day to working from my home office which is a BIG change. It’s actually been kind of a nice routine, falling out of bed in the morning (more sleep- yay!), firing up the laptop, and beginning to work right away but it’s important to still keep a schedule and to take care of yourself and your appearance, even if it’s to a lesser degree than when you actually leave your house and are in the physical presence of actual humans. And especially now with everything going virtual, I thought everyone could use some inspiration to have fun when on a work video conference call.

With video conference calls more popular these days you can’t just put a sticker over top of the camera on your laptop and make like you don’t know how to turn the video option on in Zoom. Especially now more than ever people want to connect and seeing your face helps to foster that connection.  Showing up is important whether you’re working from home or working in an office.  One of my bosses always told me to dress for the part I wanted, not the part I had.  This concept is a tad different when working from home but the idea is that you still show up.  And a work conference call is no different.   Fortunately, with video conferencing only the upper half of your body is visible. So you can rock your fuzzy bunny slippers and no one will ever know.  Business on top, comfy cozy on the bottom!

Here are some tips on how to look presentable on a work video conference call.  Have fun with it!

Be Yourself

No matter if you’re working from home or showing up to an office, you should always be yourself.  Just like any other day, see how you feel when you wake up in the morning.  I usually dress for my mood but there are times I force myself to dress based on my meeting schedule.  If I’m meeting with the big wigs then I throw on a blazer to look more professional.  On a lighter meeting day I may put on something more casual.  I’ll wear a bright color if I want to feel more energized.  Try some different approaches and see what works best for you each day you have a video conference call.

Try Something New

Is that ruffle top with the tags on it feeling lonely in your closet?  Just because you weren’t sure what to pair it with before doesn’t mean you can’t try it out now.  Just throw it on with some leggings.  Since your bottom half won’t be visible it won’t matter that it doesn’t match. Plus, as you wear it throughout the day you may come up with some ideas as to what you could pair it with once you’re able to venture out to an office and social gatherings again.  In between meetings take a quick stretch break and peruse your closet and see if anything inspires you.


An easy way to add pizzazz to any outfit is with accessories.  Think beaded headbands, big hoop earrings, a bright scarf, cocktail rings, a statement necklace, or a wide cuff.  Any of these can amp up a simple white t-shirt.  Just be careful not to overdo it.  After all, it’s a video conference call but these are still your co-workers.  Also, for some added fun, try a pastel nail color for Spring, or nail polish strips in a fun design.  Since you’re working from home you can be a little more adventurous with your mani.

Casual Fridays

Although Casual Fridays are somewhat a thing of the past, Friday is still the most beloved day of the week for most 9-5ers. The weekend is so close you can almost touch it. Typically, this means jeans but I don’t find jeans to be particularly comfortable when sitting all day. Not to mention the fact that I’m still searching for the perfect pair.  Oh, a girl can dream.  Anyway, Friday still seems to be the more casual day of the week. Pull out your favorite vintage t-shirt or sweatshirt that may spark up some covo amongst your peers.  It may also be interesting to see how Millennials react when they have no idea what you’re talking. Umm, because they weren’t even born yet. That doesn’t mean you’re old, just own it!

Play Dress Up

I love style and am a ‘why not’ type of person so this sounds like oodles of fun for me. But it won’t be for everyone.  Wearing something a bit fancier for daytime may be a stretch for some but it can also be a lot of fun. Especially since going out to socialize is on pause at the moment.  Throw on a sequined top or a pussy bow blouse for a little extra sass.  Sure, you may have to get the iron out but, hey, you’ve got extra time in the morning. It’s a short commute from your bedroom to the home office.


Look to set a theme for the day with your team.  It could be an 80s dress up theme.  Everyone (well, Gen Xers at least) has some type of 80s something buried in their closets from past Halloween parties.  Take turns every week having someone choose a theme.  Even though we’re talking waist up, you could also have crazy sock day. Go ahead and show everyone what’s been buried in the back of your sock drawer.

Have Fun!

Remember that showing up is important but you can also have fun with it, especially during these times.

On a side note, please make sure there’s nothing in view behind you that you wouldn’t want your co-workers to see. Think things like the belly baring pics of you when you were preggers or the ‘I’m F*cking Fabulous’ coffee mug you’re drinking out of.  Keep it profesh and have fun!

Author Bio:

Megan Fox is a co-founder of GenXWoman and a Style Coach.  She loves empowering women to break through barriers, find their signature style, and glow with confidence.