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There’s a lot of forward movement in November, especially after an intense, hairy October! Namely, Mercury and Mars go Direct, which is definitely a cause for celebration! Both communication and drive improve, and our energy levels should pick up quickly. The projects that we’ve been putting off, or have been restricted will finally begin to loosen up. We’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and all those nasty arguments should start disappearing. 

In fact, if unresolved problems have come up, now is the time where we can finally put issues to rest. Now is the time to say sorry, and to look at all the healthier ways to relate and do things. With Mercury finally moving out of Retrograde and out of intense Scorpio, we will also have done a great deal of personal healing on our traumas. 

Is it all perfect? Well, not quite. It is the start of Eclipse Season, and there’s a final alignment of Jupiter and Pluto. This is expected to potentially bring a second wave of disease. But, at the same time, it may also help us to integrate the events of the past year and let go. We have to be mindful of not giving in to fear and dread, to know that we can survive anything! 

Aries November Horoscope (Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19)

It’s finally over, Aries! Your ruler, Mars, finally moves Direct after two months of torture! This means, Aries, that you will be a much, much nicer person all around. Your work, personal relationships and general outlook should pick up and feel easier. Mars stays in Aries for quite a while though, but this just gives you extra juice in your engine! You’ll also need to stay on top of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction, as it’s all happening in your career zone. Power struggles, dramatic changes and crisis come up for the last time this year. However, this time, you’ve learnt how to deal with it. Communication around money also improves, though there will be moments of feeling stuck, still – so work around the problem. And finally, Aries, the upcoming Eclipse in Gemini brings changes to your education, your philosophical, spiritual beliefs and any travel plans over the next few months. 

Taurus November Horoscope (Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20)

Love, love, love Taurus. Or should we call it obsession? Maybe a bit of both, as Venus shifts into Scorpio and into your commitment zone this month. However, before she does, she opposes Mars, squares Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. That’s a mouthful. And not a tasty one. It means, Taurus, that relationships – especially the ones at work – are distrained. It could mean that finances are, briefly, strained. Power struggles abound, and you could be feeling slight insecure or flat. That’s okay – it will pass. Once she heads into Scorpio, the sweet obsession starts, and it’s not all a bad thing. Especially seeing as Mercury finally goes Direct in this zone, too, making it easier to just talk about it all. The misunderstandings you’ve been having, the traumas and the drama, it gets easier, Taurus. And with Mars Direct too, the fears and panic you have been feeling recently finally dissipates.  

Gemini November Horoscope (Gemini Dates: May 21- June 20)

Get ready for Eclipse Season, Gemini! This is important for you, as it falls in your sign over the next few years. This particular Eclipse is a Lunar one (a Full Moon), meaning that it’s time to let go, and begin again. Begin what? Let go of what? For you, it’s relationships, and your beliefs around relationships and yourself. It’s about finding the balance between you and another. For many of you, this can herald an ending to the way that things were (think single to dating, or dating to engaged). For others, it’s a total ending – for the better. Be ready for your focus to shift, too, and perhaps even your physical environment. Don’t get too consumed by a relationship that you lose your sense of self. And finally, allow the intensity of the last month’s Mercury Retrograde to transform your communication and perspective, too. He’s Direct now – yay! 

Cancer November Horoscope (Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22)

You’re so close, Cancer! So close to wrapping up the trails and tribulations of 2020. The last alignment of Jupiter and Pluto in your relationships zone helps to release the drama in this area. It also helps to integrate what’s happened, whether in your personal life or when it comes to any losses you’ve had. Don’t allow fear to run the show, Cancer – you are more than that. Avoid the drama and power struggles, and find better ways of relating. Now that Mercury goes Direct and Venus enters your romance some, things stay deep but sweeter. There’s more willingness to reveal yourself, and a lot more passion! Single or committed, get ready for a month of smoldering chemistry! Try not to get too obsessed, Cancer – it’s really not good for you. This Eclipse season brings lifestyle and personal changes in your life over the next few months and years. 

Leo November Horoscope (Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22)

What do you want, Leo? Like, really, really want? What does your heart desire? The Eclipses might show you that, and it’s possible that you have to release what you thought you wanted. It’s about making space for new goals and dreams in your life, Leo. It’s about letting go of passions which, well, you’re really not that passionate about anymore. These Eclipses will also show you who your friends are, and where your love lies. Some of you may have to choose between the two, or at least, find balance. Some of you may lose friends – and gain new ones – on the way. Be open to change, Leo. It’s healthy! With a New Moon, Mercury going Direct and Venus heading into your living space zone, some of you may be looking at a big move. And with Mercury moving Direct, you’re properly dealing with old trauma and moving on. 

Virgo November Horoscope (Virgo Dates: August 23 – September 22)

You can see clearly now, Virgo. Neptune moves Direct in your relationships zone, which helps to shine through the confusing mists of the last few months. Now, you can see who you’re dealing with, and where you’re going. The rose-colored glasses might still be there, but there’s more realism. Your ruler, Mercury, also goes Direct, which helps with communication in general, though you are still looking for deeper answers. And with Venus moving into this zone, all your communications still stay intense and dramatic. Just be careful of obsessions, Virgo, as that may still continue to be a theme over the next few weeks. The Eclipses fall in important zones for you; your career and home zones. These are areas where you might experience accelerated changes and release, such as losing or gaining a job. Or, losing and gaining a home. Don’t try and control Virgo – just go with it. 

Libra November Horoscope (Libra Dates: September 23 -October 22)

You’ve got this, Libra. The first part of the month is tricky, but you can totally do this. Your ruler, Venus, moves out of your sign and into Scorpio, your self-worth zone. This is where Mercury has been sitting for some time in Retrograde, bringing up issues related to your values. Before she makes this move, she has a face-off with Mars in your commitment zone, and squares Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Yikes! It’s a tough part of the month, early on, with money and relationships taking the hit. Insecurity, lack and control issues arise, only to pass away and be resolved. The bigger news is Mars finally going Direct in your relationships zone, which can start cooling down the heat in your one-to-one connections. It’s been intense, and the tensions have run high. They’re here to stay for a while but in a much less frustrated and aggressive way. 

Scorpio November Horoscope (Scorpio Dates: October 23 -November 21)

This is an important month, Scorpio! There’s a New Moon in your sign, plus Mercury moves Direct here – and lady Venus heading into Scorpio! A bit of a planetary party, really. Your personal magnetism will be at an all-time high, and there’s very little you can’t have. What new beginnings do you see for yourself Scorpio? Maybe a change of home? An image revamp? A shift in perspective, or in love? The intensity you have been dealing with, the indecision, fades away now and you become firm on what you want. Your traditional ruler, Mars, goes Direct in your work zone, which can also bring in some exciting new projects. This is very welcome after the last few months of slowdowns and frustrations, right? Even the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction shouldn’t faze you much, although you need to be gentle with your words and mental health. Don’t let fear become your reality. 

Sagittarius November Horoscope (Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 21)

It’s your time to shine, Sagittarius! The Sun shifts into your sign, signaling the start of a new Solar Year for you. Many of the new beginnings happen behind the scenes. A New Moon here plus Venus and Mercury are still hanging out in this zone, reflecting a desire to pull back and process. That’s okay, Sagittarius – just find a balance of being in the world and away from it. Besides, the Eclipses that are coming up are really important for you. They happen in your sign, and your opposite sign. This indicates changes in relationships and in your life as a whole. It’s important to release who you thought you were, embracing who you will become. It’s also important to let go of any relationship not working anymore. This can be in both love and friendship, Sagittarius. Remember to also set boundaries with your family as Neptune goes Direct.  

Capricorn November Horoscope (Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19)

It’s another big month, Capricorn! Jupiter and Pluto unite in your sign for the last time this year. What has changed for you, personally? How has your life shifted – dramatically? This is an opportunity to process the new cycles that came about for you, and to release future fears. You may be wrapping up a health issue, too, and finding brand-new ways of living healthier. Mars going Direct helps to mitigate a lot of the tension that you’ve felt at home recently, though it’s still there. It’s just a whole lot less, well, fiery! You can finally resolve the home and family problems in a constructive way, Capricorn. With lots of energies also gathering in Scorpio, it’s advisable to set some goals for the future. It helps to network amongst people most beneficial to these goals – use your relationships to get ahead, Capricorn! It’ll bring you that much more success. 

Aquarius November Horoscope (Aquarius Dates: January 20 -February 18)

Step up, Aquarius! The world awaits. With a New Moon in your professional zone, you’re ready to take steps towards change and renewal in this area of life. Maybe new work comes in, or a new role is born. Either way, you’re thinking a lot clearer now, as Mercury goes Direct in this zone, too. And with Venus coming in, it’s easy to rub shoulders with the people who matter. Don’t let any petty dramas get in the way of success, Aquarius! The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reflects an inner world of some turmoil, fear and self-destruction, but only if you let it. Become conscious of those fears and master them. This isn’t your first rodeo, and you’ve had plenty of practice this year. Be mindful of your health and check out what needs to be checked out. Shining a light on the problem goes a long way to healing chronic issues. 

Pisces November Horoscope (Pisces Dates: February 19 -March 20)

Life changes this month, Pisces. This Eclipse season is important for your career and home life, and finding some kind of balance there. You may have to let go of something in either area – or both. This is just the universe’s way of accelerating your growth, so try and see it that way. And with Mercury moving Direct in your spiritual growth zone, you probably will have that perspective. You’ve been doing some soul-searching, and it’s been good for you. Healing trauma around old belief systems taught to you by dogmatic people is a theme. You might feel like you can move ahead with a sharper, clearer perspective. In love, you are encountering people form exotic lands or cultures which may switch your curiosity on. Or, you just become obsessed with a spiritual practice that takes your fancy! Either way, it’s really all about the growth, Pisces. Embrace it.