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Smack dab in the middle of eclipse season, Mercury Retrograde arrives for the second time this year.

From June 18th – July 12th, communication and travel is bound to get frazzled as Mercury changes course in its ruling sign of Gemini. Follow along with this must-know guide to successfully avoid any faux-pas or information blunders, and instead tune into the special message Mercury in Gemini has for your life.

North Node in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is especially significant right now because the lunar north node switched from Cancer to Gemini on May 5, 2020 where it will remain until January 2022. The lunar node is the place where the orbit of the sun and moon intersect each other. In astrology, the current signs of the lunar nodes provide insight into how both individuals and the collective are going to be evolving on a soul level. During this time, the area of your astrological chart ruled by Gemini is where your karmic lessons will be happening.

With the north node in Gemini, this Mercury Retrograde is going to feel especially potent because it is reconfiguring things in your life to align you with this fresh karmic cycle. When blunders or communication confusion happens, keep in mind Mercury is a known trickster that likes to use a bit of mayhem to achieve the aim of getting you out of your comfort zone. Trust that delays, unclear information, and disordered communication is for your personal growth because these teach you to rely on your own wits and make the best of the situation regardless.

Mercury is joining 5 others planets in retrograde

Mercury isn’t the only planet retrograde right now. Five of the other planets — Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto — are also astrologically moving backwards too. There is a spotlight shining on the past, and this cosmic rewind is prompting us to integrate recent changes. You are on the precipice of a new venture in life, but to move forward first you must look back. Take advantage of this time to move slowly, go deeply into your desires, and release what is meant to stay behind. By the end of this cycle, you’ll have shed the old and be ready for the new.

Humor in The Confusion

This Mercury Retrograde is different from the other two happening this year because the planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. Mercury feels at home when traveling through Gemini, and tends to be zany and scattered even when moving forward as usual.

Since Mercury is a trickster planet, the delays, confusion, and errors related to travel, technology, and communication should be a bit more comical. The snags you hit along the way during the next three weeks will offer relief in the form of laughs you need to loosen you up and become a bit more flexible. Adaptability is the lesson here and if you can find the humor in situations, you will quickly shift from chaos to smooth sailing.

Go Inward and Reconnect

Mercury is a very social sign, and especially so in Gemini, which thrives on curiosity, new ideas, and interesting people. Yet during this retrograde, Mercury prompts you to look inward for mental stimulation rather than to your external world. This is especially true because Venus is also retrograde in the sign of Gemini.

Mercury rules the mind and Venus rules the heart; both are asking you to do a bit of soul searching so they can come together. Examine how the words you speak and thoughts you think are reflective, or not, of the love you have in your heart towards yourself, your community, and the important relationships in your life. Use this opportunity to reflect on ways you can align your mind and heart in a meaningful way to flourish in your personal relationships. Take the time to reconnect to yourself first and the revelations you have will radiate outwards next month.

Accept Not Knowing All The Answers

While Mercury is Retrograde, it will be facing off with the planet Neptune, which is also retrograde. Neptune is the planet of illusions, deception, spiritual illuminations, and fantasy. This has the possibility to go in two ways, which is fitting since Gemini’s symbol is of twins representing dual nature. Some experiences while Mercury is retrograde will bring information to light that helps you to make better-informed decisions.

However, if you’re seeking answers or clarity, you may find yourself in trouble nailing down the truth. Perception may be askew and things might not appear as they truly are in reality. The best things to do are take your time exploring all options and release the pressure to make an immediate decision. Trust your intuition, as logic might lead you in circles with muddied facts.

Better to Focus on Re-Visioning

When planets are retrograde, especially Mercury, it is better to hold off on starting new projects. Retrogrades are a time to revisit the past, re-examine the direction you’re headed, and rest. Catch up with friends, tackle the to-do list you haven’t had time for, and focus on renovating rather than beginning anew. This is a wonderful time to recall hobbies or simple pleasures that have brought you joy in the past and reinstate them into your life. Take the personal space you need to re-vision your future and look to the past for inspiration.