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October is traditionally the month of Love, with many planets moving into relationship-orientated Libra, as well as into intimacy-loving Scorpio. This holds true for 2020, with a New Moon in loving Libra and a Full Moon in luscious Taurus! There’s also a red-hot Full Moon in Aries, which is the other side of the relationship coin. This pertains to independence, passion and raw, primal desire! 

Mars is still Retrograde, and so all of this diplomatic Libra energy can serve to balance things out a little. This is what Libra loves best! However, matters of the heart might yet be tricky as Mercury also goes Retrograde from October 13th, spanning across – once again – Libra and Scorpio. 

As always, communication becomes key and exes pop out of the woodwork, asking for reflection and closure. Conversation moves from light and sweet to deep and intense. We’re prone to obsession, as well as open to negotiation, all at once! Mercury opposes Uranus twice throughout the month, which can reflect a sudden change of mind – and heart. Bouts of intuition are common now, as well as split-second, sometimes regrettable, decisions. 

Fortunately, with Venus shifting first into practical Virgo, then into her home-sign of Libra, we are reassured of support. Passion and affection run side by side. We just have to remind ourselves to think before we speak, to look before we leap. 

Aries October Horoscope (Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19)

You’re on fire this month, Aries! Yes, your ruler, Mars, is still Retrograde, but at the same time you have cosmic opportunities working in your favor. The first of them is the Aries Full Moon early in the month. This gives you a reward for the last 6 months, setting you on the right path for the future! Things come full circle, in other words and you feel a lot more confident of yourself and where you’re going. With a New Moon and Venus moving into Libra, your relationship zone, you’re more than ready to negotiate! It’s unlike you, Aries, but you’re learning to slow down a little and realize the benefits of compromise. In fact, the latter half of the month should be romantic, though your mind may be a bit muddled with Mercury Retrograde. Make it your mission to communicate clearly and openly, Aries. You won’t regret it. 

Taurus October Horoscope (Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20)

Work or Love, Taurus? These are the two areas that require most of your attention throughout the month of October. This is because you’ve got Venus, your ruler, traversing Virgo and your passion zone, then moving into your workaday area. The focus naturally shifts, so make the most of the first half of the month! Go on a few dates – even just with yourself – and get creative if you can! Most of all, be discerning about what you want from a relationship. It’ll be important, because once Mercury Retrogrades into Scorpio, your commitment sector, you’ve got decisions to make. Usually, one should never decide anything over Mercury Retrograde, but this will likely kick off a process. It’s possible you meet someone and have to decide whether or not it’s worth it. Or, perhaps you’re looking at getting back together with an old flame. Either way, take your time, Taurus. 

Gemini October Horoscope (Gemini Dates: May 21- June 20)

Love, love, love, Gemini! That’s what you’re thinking about this month! Why? Well, your ruler, Mercury, goes Retrograde in your passion zone! With Venus and a New Moon here too, you’ve got all kinds of delicious things going on! it’s hard for you to make decisions on a normal day, but with this astrological weather it might seem near-impossible! Do you want this or that? Him, or the other guy? You may in demand, Gemini, but make sure you’re not playing games. All this Libra energy may also spur you on creatively, and you may be nudged to explore a passion over October. Watch for some bright ideas coming your way, insights that seem like a lightning bolt from nowhere! Hurry – write it all down before you forget, Gemini! You’ll be soon able to take thus creative moments and translate them into the every day. October equals inspiration for you! 

Cancer October Horoscope (Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22)

Time to take your power back, Cancer! Pluto moves Direct, after many moons of Retrograde in your relationships zone. This can reflect a shafting of the dynamics between you and someone else – someone important. What did you learn over the last several months, and how can you put that into practice? Expects transformations to take place, slowly but surely. The Aries Full Moon is an important one for your career, too, and it’s as if you’ve come full circle. You’ve achieved something great in the last six months – now’s the time to shine! Celebrate yourself, Cancer! You’ve worked hard for this. The New Moon in Libra, with Venus moving her too, highlights harmony at home. A new beginning is imminent, and perhaps you’re redecorating or moving. Whatever it is, it’s pleasant and lovely, and your foundation feels safe and secure. Bask in your surroundings this month, Cancer. You deserve it. 

Leo October Horoscope (Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22)

Time to step up, Leo. Your ruler, the Sun, has some challenges over the month, which reflects your inner struggles. However, as you well know, your greatest strength is, well, your strength! You’re one of those people who always gets up after a challenge, no matter how hard it is. With squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, there are moments of self-doubt and insecurity. Of needing to change yourself, yet not being sure how. Of working on self-discipline and saying “no”. Your will and goals could come into conflict, and tension is the result. Don’t doubt your courage, Leo. Find a way to balance what you desire and where you’re putting your energy. Do not waste energy on things that mean little to you. Creative ideas flow in, and it’s up to you to make a clear decision as to which of them to entertain. Be open to compromise, Leo. 

Virgo October Horoscope (Virgo Dates: August 23 – September 22)

You have the power, Virgo. You always did, you know. With Venus in your sign for much of the month, you not only have power, but you also have charm! Use this to your advantage, and get what you want! She only visits you but once per year, so this is a golden opportunity. It’s easy to draw people towards you and love comes naturally – as does the tendency to be fussy and critical. See if you can find the beauty instead of the flaws in love and in yourself. Your ruler, Mercury, goes Retrograde in your financial zone, which may spell money decisions. However, things are unclear, and you’re chopping and changing your mind. Quite unlike you, Virgo! Take your time, and study the resources you do have that can bring you security. Assess your values, and look if your finances and skills are in balance with each other. 

Libra October Horoscope (Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22)

So much deliciousness this month, Libra! Not only do you have a New Moon in your sign, but your ruler, Venus, also moves in. Added to this mix, Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra, making it three planets working, mostly, in your favor. This comes as a welcome relief, because with Mars Retrograde in your love zone, you’re being pushed to your limits, Libra. Your back has been up against the wall, and you need a break. Well, here it is! You have the power of attraction on our side and our words have a certain magic. Sure, you may be going back and forth in your head about a life decision, but it’s not all bad. The New Moon assures you that the right beginnings will be made, even if you can’t see them right away. Make it your mission to beautify and improve your life, and work on yourself.  

Scorpio October Horoscope (Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21)

Get ready to move forward, Scorpio! Pluto goes Direct, and as your modern ruler, this means you move ahead, too. Perhaps you’ve been feeling somewhat disempowered lately, especially when it comes to figuring out what the right choice is. Finding your voice may have been hard, but with Pluto doing his thing, it does loosen you up. Mercury also moves back and forth into your sign and out again, bringing deep insights and moments of pure, bright clarity. It’s also possible to receive sudden guidance this month from someone close to you – a gift out of the blue! You may also be making split-second decisions around your relationship in general, and it all feels, well, a little unpredictable. The best advice here is to try not to control things too much, Scorpio, as tempting as it is. Pluto is giving you the extra energy you need right now, anyway. 

Sagittarius October Horoscope (Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 21)

A peaceful month for you, Sagittarius! Whilst else is panicking, you’re sitting pretty and feeling good about life in general. Your romantic world is passionate at the moment with the Mars Retrograde. Yes, there’s conflict – but there’s also so much creative energy! With a Full Moon here, creative or relationship directions taken in the last six months bear fruit.  What did you sow, Sagittarius? Hopefully good things! The New moon, Mercury and Venus head into your social zone, making this a month to have fun! Go out tree and make new connections, Sagittarius – they’ll be valuable to you in the future. Don’t be shy to seed new goals for the future, especially goals with your partner, your sweetheart, or your best friend. The only real issue to watch out for over October is potential miscommunication with someone you love. Be kind, Sagittarius.  You don’t always know what they’re going through. 

Capricorn October Horoscope (Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19)

Get your engine going, Capricorn! Pluto moves Direct in your sign, which can give you a superhero-like ability to get the things done! In fact, some of you may see a promotion this month or at least, being given a whole lot more power. Yes, it’s been slow and frustrating, and you’ve had to deal with a lot. But now comes the time for you to show your true mettle. And, with a New Moon beckoning in your professional zone, there are definitely big developments coming your way in the next few months! Venus also shines here soon, which allows for you to use your professional relationships to get ahead. Everyone likes you right now, Capricorn, so work that charm! Mercury is Retrograde here, which may delay a few decisions that you want to make, but don’t let that get you down. Just check and double-check all your career-related communications.  

Aquarius October Horoscope (Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18)

How can you grow this month, Aquarius? Is it by studying something? Joining a like-minded group? Renewing a spiritual path? Travelling? The options are infinite, but whatever you do, it’s all about expanding your horizons. You’re looking to spread your wings over the next several months, and it seems like a good idea to take someone with you. Maybe a sweetheart or a close friend – you just want to share the experience. Whilst some things are better alone, it’s wonderful to know you have a teammate at your side. Falling into love with big ideas is likely – or just falling in love in general. Don’t be afraid to explore someone that doesn’t share your own culture or beliefs. In some ways, you are also feeling much more empowered on the inside, after many moons of internal struggles. Take the bull by the horns, Aquarius – you’ve really come so far already. 

Pisces October Horoscope (Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20)

Go deep this month, Pisces. Deeper than usual. Be willing to share – of yourself, your money your time and your energy. With so much energy in your zone of intimacy, its’ time to face what’s really there. Don’t try and avoid it. In fact, celebrate if you have someone to be able to do this with. Really take a look at if the balance of give and take in your life is fair, and adjust if not. If you’re single, don’t worry, Pisces. This month also offers new beginnings when it comes to resources, and it’ possible you could find a business partnership to support your future goals. Maybe it’s money you get or the offer of a physical space. Look at all the ways that the universe is supporting you, Pisces – there’s plenty to go around. Finally, be prepared for transformation in some level. There’s no rebirth without death.