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Every 2.5 years, Saturn moves into a new zodiac sign.

One of the most important astrological transits of 2020 is Saturn entering Aquarius.

Saturn officially entered Aquarius on March 21, 2020 to last through March 7, 2023; with the exception of the retrograde back into Capricorn from July 1 to December 17, 2020.

Saturn is the great taskmaster of the world. Think of this planet as the stern teacher who ensures you are crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s correctly. Saturn’s placement in your natal chart (the position of the planets and stars at the exact time you were born) highlights the area of life where you are called to take on more responsibility and achieve self-mastery. Your greatest lessons come from facing the challenges of Saturn’s limitations to rising above doubts, fears, and insecurities. Saturn’s reward comes when you take full accountability for your growth and create a strong foundation for the future.

The following themes mark the transit of Saturn in Aquarius over the next three years.

Embracing the New and Quirky

Saturn in Aquarius promotes following your own path.  New ideas about spirituality, relationship choices, and lifestyles will begin to generate a social revolution. We can expect to see shifting gender roles, alternative marriages, and more communal style living situations.

Thinking outside the box and challenging the traditional path can liberate you from outdated belief and open you to new opportunities for growth. This is the time to truly embrace all parts of yourself, without shame or judgment as to whether your desires are too “out there” to manifest. Things are changing in the world and moving in a new direction. As more people accept the weird and outlandish sides of themselves, a more humanitarian society develops.

Reshaping Science and Technology

Saturn is known for slowing things down.  This is to ensure the lessons are learned and the long term effects will be beneficial.

Since the rise of the internet, which was invented during the last Saturn in Aquarius transit in 1983, we have become technology dependent.  During this transit, we will be facing the consequences of our rapid technological developments – for better and for worse. Technologies that have been carefully developed over the past cycle of Saturn might see breakthroughs with  world-changing effects, such as new vaccines, cures for diseases, and inventions that can help create a more sustainable future.  While the ones that did not evolve with a humanitarian agenda will be challenged and might become obsolete.

As a whole, the world will take scientific development seriously and it will be harder to denounce research findings as “fake.”  You can expect to see a rise in artificial intelligence, DNA testing, and renewable energy sources. Luckily, the new science and technology developed during this time will be under greater scrutiny, ensuring the long-term effects are beneficial to humanity.

Empowering the Collective

A key motto for the sign of Aquarius is “power to the people.”

It is the time of the rise of the common person.  As we have seen during the pandemic,  our heroes have been grocery store workers, doctors, nurses, and truck drivers; not billionaires or celebrities.   The sign of Aquarius also promotes freedom for ALL, not just the select few on top of the social chain.  So the majority of people will begin to rebel against unfair labor practices, resource hoarding, and the unequal distribution of wealth.  It will be common to see strikes, sit-ins, and other acts of rebellion for sustainable wages, paid sick leave, and affordable healthcare. The common interest will be building a society that is fair and equal for everyone.

Making Social Justice a Priority

Aquarius is known for being the most humanitarian of all the zodiac signs. Social justice requires teamwork and it is during Saturn’s tour in Aquarius that unethical practices will be remedied. Environmental exploitation, animal abuse, and human trafficking are just a few of issues that will come to the forefront in the upcoming years.

Since these causes involve both big companies and local communities, new laws will be needed to regulate the protection of the vulnerable, endangered, and common person in our society.

Discovering a Tribe

Aquarius rules large groups, communities, and tribes. It is the ultimate sign of friendship. During Saturn’s transit of Aquarius, there will be a rise in online communities.  “Virtual retreats” and community gatherings happening online will become commonplace.  Long-distance book clubs, shared entertainment watching, and discussion groups will help spark thriving global communities and innovative social structures that promote inclusivity will pop-up. This will also lead to a rise in cross-culture collaboration as people from across the global begin to gather around a hobby, cause, or idea.