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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘superhero’?  Wonder Woman?  Superman? What about your mom, sister or friend?  Enter Lisa Virtue, a mom, wife, daughter, career coach, speaker, author and founder of Superhero Mamas, an online boutique showcasing products made by women for women.

Lisa took the time during lockdown to look for opportunities to create something specifically for women that were impacted by job loss.  Lisa had noticed her friends, mostly moms,  were making crafts during their time at home.  So, she put two and two together and Superhero Mamas was born! 

Lisa is a strong proponent of women empowerment and believes it starts at home.  “Giving our daughters a more empowering world for their dreams to come true is our primary mission. Our storefront for women creators to sell their empowering and rejuvenating goods is one way we boost the movement of women supporting women.”

And a Superhero Mama isn’t necessarily a mother in the traditional sense.  Virtue says, “the definition of mama means you’re an incredible woman.”

We spent some time with Lisa to get to know her better and how she came to create Superhero Mamas.  Here are the highlights of our conversation.

How did the idea for Superhero Mamas come about?

Lisa Virtue:  Superhero Mamas came about by tossing ideas around a couple years ago.  A friend and I were talking about the networking scene with women and professionals and trying to figure out- could we create something.   And then both of our careers were just taking off in different directions so we ended up not pursuing that, but the thought to me was, is there something virtual I can do for women empowering women? And now all of a sudden I had a ton of friends that were starting to craft and make products and I was like, wow, that’s really good. I had no idea that was your hobby. And then I thought well, what my strengths are is that I’m super tech savvy, a quick learner and very risk-tolerant. I can jump on and start a website whenever I have the inkling.  I can do the networking.  I wanted to really look at the virtual marketing world.

What motivated you to start Superhero Mamas?

Lisa Virtue: I wanted to literally invest in myself and other women.  Monetarily my daughter doesn’t have a future, I don’t have a future if I don’t do what really fulfills me and this is what my calling is.  So, I put my money where my mouth was.  I was having a gender bias issue at work and thought here we go again.  I had this years ago.  So, I was sick of fighting it. I thought I’m just going do what I can for other women so they don’t have to go through that. Give them a platform. Let them thrive with their businesses and their careers.

Why did you decide to leave your job and go out on your own?

Lisa Virtue: I was hitting gender biases (at work) so, when everything shut down you can imagine the first few months were just turmoil.  And, of course, childcare at the same time shut down.  My mom literally showed up on our doorstep….so, my husband and I were trying to navigate our new world. And with those 16 hour days and the pressure of everything it got to that point of this can’t last.  Neither my husband nor I were being successful. You know, mentally, emotionally. It wasn’t good for our daughter because then she had way too much screen time, etc. etc.  So, as many women experience, you get to that point of who’s going to do this work, there’s no childcare, there’s no schools open. So, I made that decision, okay, here we go, can I finally quit?

What’s your biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Lisa Virtue:  My advice for new entrepreneurs is imagine you can get this much done- write your to do list, map it out if you can, how much time you think it’s going to take and triple it. And that also means trim two-thirds of what you think you’re going to accomplish. Just cut it out.  If I think I can get three things done, I should imagine I might get one accomplished.

Also, as a new business owner, it is hard to craft our own, focused stories and self-promote, but we need to. Getting used to telling your story for PR is vital.  And practicing.

What do you think it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Lisa Virtue: You have to be a creator to be an entrepreneur.  I’ve never met an entrepreneur that was successful that wasn’t a creator at some level, even if it’s processes or documentation. You have to want to create and build something. If a woman just has an idea, but they don’t really want to build or create something or take risks, don’t do it.

For me I was not able to create as much in the last couple years when I was in the executive suite working on more of the dry administrative pieces.  My coach at the time asked ‘okay, so where are you creating?’ And it was funny. I had never framed it that way before. I knew that I was creative and loved to work with people over the years. But at that point in my career, I didn’t put two and two together for whatever reason. And then looking back at my own journey, like every single job I had was creating and building programs or enhancing them or changing something and adding technology. 

What is your advice for other moms out there during this time?

Lisa Virtue: I have found myself being much more assertive with my relationship and my family, which I think all moms need to find that voice if they don’t have it right now. And find that support.  Advocate for yourself and your time when you need social time. 

A little bit of a social outlet for me too is where I’ll go down and I’ll fill boxes because I have all the product here.  I go down and I’m like, ‘oh, I wonder what this person did.’ And a lot of times custom messages will be left by the gift giver and it just fills my little bucket and I’m so excited to send this to them and I’ll add something extra in. 

I’m very fearful for a lot of women when they’re lonely and when they allow themselves to be isolated now with the pandemic, it’s scary to me. So, this is another reason- sending a gift box to a mom across the country just so she has a surprise, like, oh you kick ass. We literally put that on our cards.  There’s no other gift box that does that. 

What is your superpower?

Lisa Virtue: My imagination. It allows me to create positive and memorable experiences. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Lisa Virtue: So, patience is a virtue.  Always trying to live up to my name. I have sometimes unlimited patience with others, but not with myself. So, I think it’s with yourself…patience with myself.

About Superhero Mamas:

Superhero Mamas is made up of kickass women who are looking to change the world one “POW!” at a time. Our community of makers, creators & badass shakers are at the heart & soul of the brand. Our mission is to empower YOU to be the best version of yourself, all while supporting YOUR goals. We know you’re busy, stretched thin & likely just as tired as us, but we women are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We’re here to lift you up, make space for you to shine & create a platform to share your superpowers with the world.

Join Superhero Mamas on this journey to celebrate ALL the women & “mamas” out there helping make our world a better place for our future. 

Visit https://superheromamas.com, Superhero Mamas on Facebook and @superheromamas.tm on Instagram.   #SuperheroMamas