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From mini-vacas to staycas.  Don’t cancel your summer 2020 vacation!  Just bring it close to home.

We all know that the spread of COVID-19 has put a lot of travel plans on hold this year, and that is leaving many of us feeling like our summer 2020 vacations are ruined.  And with kids out of school, looking for some entertainment, you may be feeling the strain.

You’ve likely canceled your cruise ship vacation and rescheduled any theme park plans for next year. I get it. The risk of infection is worrisome! While you have to take the risk to get groceries, you don’t have to brave the ‘rona just to roam a waterpark.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let the mom guilt wear you down either. There are still enjoyable experiences to be had this summer. You can make wonderful memories with your little ones…they just won’t involve a photo op with a possibly contagious princess.

Places That Are Still Safe For Summer 2020 Travel

While you are probably opting out of theme park visits and the typical tourist locations, you still have options. You can still find a few places to take your kiddos that offer up plenty of social distancing. Here are a few options to consider:

An Adventure Day At The Local Park

Turn the local park into an amusement park for the day by making an adventure out of the trip. Instead of showing up empty-handed, bring the fun with you. Water balloons, water guns, and other water toys will keep everyone cool and entertained. Bonus points if you have a park with a splash zone!

A visit on a weekday may be less crowded. You can make a whole day of it by packing a picnic lunch. Sitting on a blanket together, outside in the grass, will feel very special — even if you are just eating PB&Js.

An Adventure Day At A Not-So-Local Park

2020 is the perfect year for visiting that state or national park that you’ve always wanted to see. Time spent in the great outdoors is an excellent summer choice. Plus, the wide-open spaces will keep plenty of distance between you and the other park goers.

If you don’t already have a bucket list of parks, you can find a little help here and here.

Road Trip To A Historical Site Or Monument

Several historical sites and monuments are outdoors and do not require entry into a building. This is good news since a lot of museums have not reopened yet.  In addition, those that have, often restrict hours and have guidelines about how many guests can enter at a time.

Historical monuments differ state by state. Those who live in Southern California, for example, can lay their eyes on the Madonna of the Trail monuments in Upland.

If your kids are school-aged, they may remember learning about some of the monuments in connection to the American Revolution.

Staycation Ideas for Summer 2020 That Are Just As Fun

If you just aren’t feeling safe enough to wander about, then a staycation is what you need. There are still many ways to take the family on a vacation without actually going anywhere.

Virtual Tour Of The Zoo

Several zoos and aquariums have opened up virtual tour options for families to enjoy. Everyone can still experience seeing their favorite animals without putting themselves or their family’s health at risk.

Seeing monkeys, lions, and zebras in a virtual format might not be the same as an in-person visit. Yet, it has the potential to still be exciting!

Go For A Camping Trip In The Backyard (S’mores And All)

Camping trips are fun, regardless of how close to home you and your family may or may not be. Setting up a tent in the backyard creates the illusion that the family is somewhere new. It is different and can be super fun!

Don’t forget about telling spooky stories and keeping an eye out for shooting stars. Most importantly, don’t forget the ingredients needed to make s’mores! Portable fire pits are available on Amazon and make roasting marshmallows a breeze.