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In our 40s, are we getting closer to the end of our life? Or are we at the precipice of a brand new chapter – Our Second Coming?

Numerology, the study of numbers in our life, says it’s the latter. Our 40s represent a pivotal time in our life journey. This is a time where the decisions and the direction we undertook in our 20s and 30s get tested. However, this is also the time where we have the opportunity to reevaluate, reassess and pivot if necessary.

This is especially true at two important milestone years. These are ages 42 and 49 because they represent our 6th and 7th soul cycles; the most important of which is Age 49.

Age 49 is the age “where you really begin to free yourself from a lot of the shoes that you bought into from the time you landed here on earth“.

Gail Minogue

Our 40s is not the time to settle or continue down a path where we are counting the years to retirement. This is the time to prepare for the next chapter in our life. As Gen X women, this is our time!

Recently, Gen X Woman co-founders Dena K Martines and Megan E Fox were guests on The Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast co-hosted by two amazing Gen X women, Mimi Bishop and Jackie Ghedin, founders of The Resting Mind.

The focus was on the numerology of midlife and how Gen X women can use numerology to navigate their 40s. But they also discussed the mission of GenXWoman and how it came together. And they delved into the role of Numerology on their personal lives, as Gen X women in their 40s, as well as its impact on the creation of GenXWoman.

Additionally, Dena, who is a life long student and practitioner of numerology, provided some valuable insights and tips on how to calculate the numerology of your name and birth date. And she recommended resources for those want to get acquainted with this amazing discipline.

Check out episode 42 of the Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast!

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