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Oh no! The planet of love, beauty, and money, Venus is going retrograde.

Venus Retrograde will take place from May 13 to June 25, 2020.  During that time, your perception when it comes to romance, fashion, and money will inevitably be a little bit off.  Beware of the temptation to do  something you’ll regret, like attempting a DIY purple dye job or getting back with an ex.

This survival guide is your ticket to making it through the next 40 days with style and grace, despite the challenges of this time. Follow along to learn how to knick the drama and make the most out of this wild Venus in Gemini season.

Pause and Reflect on Your Love Life

Venus Retrograde is the time when it is natural to reflect on your previous relationships. You have a 40-day period to figure out what it is you truly value and how the experiences of the past have impacted you. It can be tempting to want to talk things out with a previous or current partner;  Gemini rules communication. However, do your best to avoid pinning your hopes on finding solutions right now. Even if you reach a compromise, the agreement or solution will most likely have changed by the end of the retrograde when a new perspective is discovered. It is better to spend this time crafting what you want to say, journaling, and getting clear on your feelings before having discussions with others. If someone reaches out to you, suggest you have a conversation once Venus is moving forward again. Be easy with your loved one and know you will make it through this with a renewed perspective.

Revive an Old Style

The best way to prevent buyer’s remorse is to avoid buying new clothes, jewelry, and other accessories during Venus Retrograde. Gemini likes to try new styles, but it is important to not make impulsive purchases during this time. If you start to feel an urge to switch things up, opt for a style you’ve rocked in the past. Think of your teens and twenties – what was your favorite thing to wear? Retro looks get a boost during Venus retrograde and it will be most rewarding for you to play around with your style to achieve a revamped look from the past.

Reinvest in Yourself

During Venus Retrograde, proceed with caution in your financial investments. It is not a good time to be making large financial purchases, like cars or homes, or investing your money in new ways. Try to push off all big financial decisions until the retrograde is over. Instead, focus on reinvesting in yourself and using your money to further your own financial standing. You can do this in quite a few ways. Begin by considering taking a course to brush up on job skills you’ve grown rusty in. You should also review your current investments and make sure things are in order. This is also a great time to re-evaluate your current budget and see where you can save some money. When Venus is moving forward again, you can be sure your finances are in order, you’ve saved some money, and you feel confident in your work.

Refresh Your Beauty Routine

Venus Retrograde is not the time to begin a new beauty routine. Makeup can be expensive and the last thing you want is to start a product that isn’t giving you optimal results. You may think it’s working great during the retrograde period, but when Venus is direct again, you will no longer be satisfied. It is better to use this time to refresh your makeup bag and toss out or give away what is no longer needed. If you’ve been running low on your favorite products, this is also a great time to restock. With your refreshed beauty supplies, you will be feeling extravagantly confident in your look after 40 days.

Embrace the Different Sides of Your Personality

Venus retrograde is going to disrupt relationships – it’s inevitable and intentional! This is because conflict that arises during this time gives you a chance to see where you have been over-compromising or ignoring important parts of who you are to keep the peace. While Venus is retrograde you do not have to change yourself to fit one image. Instead, embrace the many sides of your personality. You have both good and bad traits, as do all your loved ones. Being able to acknowledge, accept, and incorporate your dual nature will ultimately strengthen your relationships. Let all the parts of you shine and know it’s okay to switch the role you’re playing in someone’s life. This can be a healthy change for you and all your loved ones, which encourages them to rediscover parts of themselves too.

Reconnect Face to Face

It can be easy to send a quick text or email to keep up correspondences with your friends and family. However, with this Venus in Gemini retrograde there will be plenty communication mishaps. The things you type might sound very different to the reader than how you intended. To avoid any confusion, it is best to take the time to connect face to face during these 40 days. Venus is an affectionate planet and enjoys the physical expression of happiness: smiles, laughter, and hugs. Even if you are far away from loved ones, connecting virtually face to face on Zoom, Skype, or Facetime can strengthen your bonds. Face to face conversations will feel richly rewarding and allow you to communicate with ease.  Just make sure to mind social distancing if meeting up in person.

Remember Your Worth

Gemini’s symbol is twins, and this sign very much likes to have a partner in all that they do. Since Venus is the planet of partnerships, it will be very easy to succumb to false ideas that you need others to make you feel whole. If you are confronted with feelings of loneliness or isolation during these 40 days, it is important to remember you can be your own best friend. If you’ve outgrown relationships, Venus retrograde is a wonderful time to remember your own worth and release friendships or partnerships that are holding you back. Change is natural and others who are reflective of where you are at now in your life will join you. Spend time focusing on inner work that helps you to feel comfortable flying solo. As much as you enjoy company, it’s important to be connected to yourself to make sure your relationships are bringing out the best in you.