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Eclipse season has started and will last from June 5th- July 5th.

We may feel a bit jostled by the unfolding events because the lunar nodes of fate are transitioning from the lessons of Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius.  The placement of the moon’s nodes is very important because they point to where there is the most potential for growth, lessons to be learned, and success to be had on both a personal and collective level.

For the past two years, Cancer and Capricorn lunar nodes have brought lessons about valuing emotional security more than following a status quo. Lessons have been centered on nurturing your true heart’s desires and finding validation from within, rather than looking for status and success to define your worth. As the nodes switch to Gemini and Sagittarius, communication and community become the focus. It is a time to educate yourself, seek wisdom, and share what you are learning with others to promote the inner values you’ve defined for yourself.

The energy of the Cancer and Capricorn lunar nodes was more grounded and called for contemplation, emotional processing, and deep soul searching. It may have taken some time to fully integrate these more personal, vulnerable lessons. With the recent switch, lunar nodes of Gemini and Sagittarius may feel a bit more energized, mercurial, and action-oriented in comparison. Read on to learn more about how eclipse season will shake things up for you.

Sagittarius Full Moon

The first lunar eclipse takes place on June 5th in the sign of Sagittarius. This is the first eclipse in the upcoming axis of Sagittarius/Gemini that will last until January 18th, 2022. The events that happen around this date are a small sneak peek into the next phase of your life. This eclipse cleansed old beliefs so you can start fresh with the Sagittarius New Moon on December 14, 2020.

For the next six months you will be developing a new philosophy of life that is reflective of your inner values and personal wisdom. You begin to question your faith or reject what you’ve been taught in the past. The quest for the truth will invite you to reconsider your assumptions to make room for a perspective that aligns with and reflects the personal experience you’ve had. Ultimately, over the next two years this questioning will lead you to deeper understanding and wisdom of the world and your place within it.

Cancer New Moon

The solar eclipse that occurs during the Cancer New Moon is especially powerful because it is happening the same day as the Summer Solstice. On this day the Sun and Moon come together at 0° in the sign of Cancer to usher in a new beginning. Not only is it the start of a new season of the year, the karmic North Node is catalyzing opportunities to rewrite the story of your life.

However, Cancer is a nostalgic sign that tenderly holds onto the sentimental value of the past. With six planets retrograde, it isn’t the time to leap in without caution. Contemplation and integration is the course of action to follow until the Fall when planets start to resume forward motion.

The Moon, a planet that quietly pulls you inward to hear the calling of your soul, rules the sign of Cancer. It is known the Cancerian crab takes a bit of time to be coaxed out of a shell, and responds best to gentle peacefulness. The initial inklings that things are shifting occur may be subtler during this eclipse, asking you to tune into your emotional body to navigate the unfolding path. Go easy on yourself and let your feelings guide the way.

Capricorn Full Moon

The final lunar eclipse of this season will be the Capricorn Full Moon on July 4th and 5th (depending on your time zone). This will be the last in the series of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses over the past two years. During this time, it will be important to reflect on how the foundation of your life has shifted since July 2018.

The entire series of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses was to teach how important it is to construct your life from a heart centered perspective. To truly have a strong foundation, your life has to be created from your soul. While Cancer teaches to listen to your feelings for guidance, Capricorn adds the support needed to truly make the changes permanent.

This lunar eclipse will be action oriented, as you take the final steps towards the finish line. The last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and hopefully you are on much sturdier ground than two years ago when this series began. If your boundaries are tested, rest assured it is only to show you have a sturdy structure.

Eclipse Season Tips

When eclipse season rolls around, it’s best to take your hands off the steering wheel and surrender to the changes as they happen. This series will be especially jolting because it is the liminal transition between signs — the end of one era, the start of another. While the Sagittarius lunar eclipse may have felt fiery and intense, the Cancer solar eclipse will water things down before the Capricorn lunar eclipse grounds the changes.

The best way to make it through is to go easy on yourself, listen to your body, and rest when needed. Eclipses stir up a lot of emotions and change is scary, even for the most brave. Keep on reminding yourself that what occurs during eclipse season happens to facilitate personal growth, amplify your future success, and bring prosperity and fulfillment to your life.

You are being alchemized through the fire, water, and earth elements this season. The only element missing is air. Therefore, to best navigate this eclipse season make sure you get plenty of fresh air, stimulate your mind with new ideas, and reach out to connect with people who will listen to you talk through the changes happening.