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Your North Node Fashion Style Guide 

Have you ever wondered how you can truly dress for success? Do you want to change your style but are not sure where to begin? Astrology can give you fashion insight that goes beyond the latest trend. The secret? Dressing according to your astrological North Node! This point in your chart is the key to your ultimate fulfillment. The more you embody the energy of your North Node, the greater joy, prosperity and abundance you will feel in your life.  When you dress according to your North Node, you become a magnet for opportunities that will open new doors and create synchronicity that lead you to naturally align with good fortune. The Astrotwins explain the North Node in this article (https://astrostyle.com/learn-astrology/north-south-nodes/), and show you how to find your North Node zodiac sign. Once you have it figured out, read on to learn your fashion destiny!

Aries: Fierce Femme

With an Aries North Node, your style is unapologetic, fierce, and one of a kind. You want to make sure that your clothes indicate your sense of personal power. Being active is important to you and it’s best to have a sense of style that can make you look hot while moving from task to task. Casual athletic wear helps you to stay active, but you also enjoy a little bit of flair. Using brighter colors and picking outfits that highlight your body in a flattering manner make your style truly your own. You will feel most connected to this North Node in colors red, white, and violet.

Taurus: Simple Sis

With a Taurus North Node, you aim for comfort and simple beauty in your style. You want your clothes to be long lasting and you opt for high quality brands with soft, delicate textures. Easy to breathe fabrics that are light and allow you to move with ease are most appealing. You will feel most connected to this North Node in the colors pink, tan, and dark green.

Gemini: Versatile Vixen

With a Gemini North Node, you want a very versatile wardrobe. You enjoy a busy social life and it’s important that your outfit be modified easily as you go from one place to the next. Scarves, jewelry, and other accessories are essential for your overall look. Prints and patterns that catch your eye also help to showcase the daredevil in you. You will feel most connected to this North Node in the colors orange, pink, and blue.

Cancer: Vintage Virtuoso 

With a Cancer North Node, you will reflect an innate feminine beauty through your style. You have a knack for recreating vintage looks from decades passed. Because of your elegant taste even causal wear can look glamorous on you. Long flowing dresses will appeal to your sensual side. Wearing jewelry that has a sentimental meaning to you, or has been passed down through the family are the best accessories. You will feel most connected to this North Node in the colors off-white, teal, silver, and beige.

Leo: Lux Lady

With a Leo North Node, your style should be regal and elegant. You enjoy other’s admiring your outfits and appreciate others who take time with their appearance. Even if you prefer a more conservative look, adding a bit of shimmer and shine through your accessories can make you stand out in the crowd. Your sparkle is best reflected through luxurious designer pieces. You will feel most connected to your North Node in bright colors such as orange, yellow, and magenta.

Virgo: Sophisticated Sultress

With a Virgo North Node, a classy, sophisticated style suits you best. You prefer to blend in and not put too much attention on your outwear. Makeup, if even worn at all, will look natural. Your down to earth approach to beauty is no fuss and you prefer to spend your time focusing on wellness. Sewing or re-purposing your own clothes and homemade beauty products helps you to ensure you are not harming the planet or animals with your style, which is important to you. You will feel most connected to your North Node in neutral colors, olive green, brown, and white.

Libra: Classy Chick

With a Libra North Node, good taste comes naturally to you. You effortlessly exude a sense of elegance, which makes it easy for you to wear almost anything and make it look chic. While you have a love for expensive clothing, it is also important that your look conveys your friendly, approachable nature. Rather than using your style to make yourself look better than others, you seek to bring beauty and elegance in a humble way. Your makeup is always refined and graceful. You will feel most connected to your North Node in pink, lavender, light blue, and pale yellow.

Scorpio: Mysterious Momma

With a Scorpio North Node, you benefit from being a bit provocative and mysterious with your style. You understand the art of making a lingering impression that leaves people wanting more. Your clothing will only reveal as much or little as you want to on a given day. Black tends to be your color of choice, but sprucing it up with fine jewelry adds depth and dimension to your look. Incorporating lace and leather is a subtle way to distinguish your look.  You will feel most connected to your North Node in black, grey, and red.

Sagittarius: Goddess Girl

With a Sagittarius North Node, your style should reflect your sense of freedom and desire for exploration. Clothes from other cultures prompt others to ask about your travels and knowledge of other lands. Feathers, flowing dresses, and tie-dye showcase your free spirit. You don’t feel the need to spend money to create the look you want. Thrifting and picking up pieces from a secondhand store is your best bet. You enjoy never knowing what you might find and imagining the adventures someone may have had in those clothes. You will feel most connected to your North Node in teal, purple, and gold.

Capricorn: Conservative Cappy

With a Capricorn North Node, your style is rather conservative. You benefit from dressing like you mean business. It is important to you that your clothes reflect your achievements of success. You like to showcase your ambitious nature by wearing designer brands and fine jewelry.   Classic choices in your wardrobe make it practical and timeless. You prefer quality over quantity in your fashion choices. You will feel most connected to your North Node in grey, navy blue, and black.

Aquarius: Whimsical Woman

With an Aquarius North Node, your style is eccentric and mismatched. Pairing together an outfit is a way for you to express your individuality and you don’t feel the need to follow traditional styling rules. It’s important for you to cultivate your own style because you want your outfits to encourage people to think outside the box. You have a knack for taking the latest fashion trend and changing it in a way that makes it different from the rest. At times you come across as bohemian in your nonchalant attitude towards style. You will feel most connected to your North Node in electric blue, silver, and lime green.

Pisces: Captivating Creative

With a Pisces North Node, your style is ethereal and dreamy. You enjoy being able to feel artsy in what you wear. Your creativity is as limitless as your imagination. Chakra beads and crystal jewelry help you to feel connected during the day. You will inspire others to dream with your exotic patterns and cutesy apparel. Scarves are wonderful accessories for your free-flowing style. You will feel most connected to your North Node in purple, ocean blue, and pearl.